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Meetings, churches, assemblies, theater and more.

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Caution: Spiritual Warfare in Progress!

It was essential that the spirits and morale of the workers at Georgetown Munitions Factory remained buoyant during the dark days of the First World War when the future lay in doubt for so many people. Towards this end, a town hall was erected just off the Houston road, close to where Netherfield Farm now stands.

Covering around 2350 square feet in dimension, a makeshift church could also be established at the location where ministers from the Church of Scotland and the United Free Presbyteries took it in turn to lead services and provide spiritual support and uplift for people who aspired to higher sources of guidance. There were also Sunday School programmes for the children of workers at the factory.

Other attractions included film shows, lectures, concerts, flower show and parties at the hall, which could seat 300 people. The building was an invaluable resource, especially in winter when the dark nights limited the range of human activities at a high-security site like Georgetown where vigilance could never be relaxed for safety and military reasons.