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Rees Clark 02-Feb-2024
We've made it easier to donate to the museum. Both financial and volunteer support are very much appreciated. Just follow the helping hand. Or click LINK at the end of this post.
Tom Stout 13-Oct-2023
Tom Stout 1946-2019. Tom was an industrial arts teacher in California. His maternal grandparents left Johnstone for the USA in 1882 with their two daughters. In 2013 he visited the Museum and later assisted with the creation of this website. RC
Administrator 08-Sep-2023
We've made a few style changes and added a video page that is still under development. Member feedback is appreciated. If you're not yet a member, this would be a good time to join.
Administrator 12-Nov-2022
Calendars go fast every year, and this year they're cheap at twice the price. Act now!
Rees Clark 16-Apr-2022
Here'a a link to maps at Scotland Nat'l Library from Maureen Cassells via F'book. You can zoom in, move around, and change the map dates.

Rees Clark 02-Mar-2022
Iain M reports "Morrisons has reopened the bridge end entrance to the store. 8am till 6pm. We hope to see more visitors to the Museum as a result."
Fiona Speirs 07-Feb-2022
Fiona Speirs 07-Feb-2022
Hello good people,
Thankyou for allowing me to join. I am interested as I believe my Great x 3 and Great x 2 grand fathers lived for a time in Johnston.
Iain Murray 31-Oct-2021
It's that time of year again. The 2022 Calendar is now in stock. Visit our shop for details.


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