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Rees Clark 29-Jan-2021
Here across the pond and at the edge of another, I found the linked article RE local dialects interesting.

Iain Murray 13-Nov-2020
Our Johnstone 2021 Calendar is selling well. Thanks for all those that have bought them so far. Your's is waiting for you.
Rees Clark 23-Mar-2020
Report from the COVID-19 front line, with historic perspective. (Could not resist; apologies to the serious-minded.)

Rees Clark 11-Nov-2019
Thos. and Lavinia (née Fleming) McKee-Goodwin of Johnstone and their children. My grandmother Anna (born in Iowa 1886) is in front row next to mother and baby. Dau. Rachel in rear was born in Johnstone.

Rees Clark 11-Nov-2019
See the new article by Douglas Gillespie on applying the rod to the child in Johnstone.

Rees Clark 08-Nov-2019
Nice art on cover of new 2020 Calendar now available in the Museum shop and on line.

Rees Clark 18-Apr-2019
Forthcoming exhibit of models by John Butler are a great reason to hie thee down to the Museum soon.

Administrator 21-Feb-2019
We've added a Donate button to the home page. Your gift helps support this site and the museum.
Administrator 15-Dec-2018
The "Johnstone" article in Wikipedia has today been updated to link to the museum.


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