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Have you researched an era or topic in depth regarding Johnstone and environs? Do you have a scholarly article about the history of Johnstone or the surrounding area? We will be pleased to consider it for publication on this site. Accepted articles may be accompanied by illustrations (photographs, etc.). Photo essays may also be submitted; they will appear in the Gallery, linked via this section and from an article in the News. (Procedures)


Early Johnstone

World War One (The Great War)

World War Two

The Strange Story of Max Schiller
By Angela Gillespie
VE Day In Johnstone
By Angela Gillespie
The Final Stand-Down of the Johnstone Home Guard
By Angela Gillespie
Johnstone Hero of the Coventry Blitz
By Angela Gillespie
Gecas the War Criminal - His Johnstone Connection
By Angela Gillespie
Rudolf Hess - The Johnstone Connection
By Angela Gillespie
Johnstone Soldier was Winston Churchill's Batman
By Angela Gillespie
The Night Bombs Fell On Johnstone
By Angela Gillespie
Johnstone's Military Encampments 1939 to 1940
By Angela Gillespie
Identity of German POW Artist Revealed
By Angela Gillespie
24th Polish Lancers Played Role in WWII Defence
By Angela Gillespie

20th Century Miscellany

When Johnstone Police Wore Straw Hats
By Angela Gillespie
Capt. Donald
By Iain Murray
Stories of Quarry Street Police Station
By Angela Gillespie
The Use of the Birch in Johnstone
By Douglas Gillespie
Johnstone Man Killed In Vietnam War 1968
By Angela Gillespie


Local Industries

John Lang & Sons May 1960 -- Wickman Lang March 1973
By John Steel
Remembrance of Wickman Lang
By Eddie McRorie

Great Houses

Cartside House
By Dan Sweeney
Cartside House built in 1794 and birth place of the Last Laird of Johnstone. Later the Mansion rebuilt by Peter McLaurin.
Fordbank, a Brief Account of the House and its Occupants
By Bill Speirs
Little Corseford, big changes. A country home. Originally published in 2016.
The Red House of Milliken Park
By Blll Speirs
50 years in the life of a house, its owners and occupants, a brief history of its transitions from private home to inn to care home.

Photo Essays


Johnstone Street names



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