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Hi! We encourage you to consider sponsorship of the museum. Special benefits accrue to continuing sponsors as described on our donate page.

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30 Napier Street Johnstone PAS 8SF GB
EVERYTHING you need is here, and history, too!
Park Road Johnstone, Renfrewshire PAS BLS GB
Understated Luxury: Choose from a range of exquisite rooms, such as our Executive Doubles or our luxurious Honeymoon Suite with lovely, traditional features. • TEL 01505 324331
014-188-5044 • 60 High Street Johnstone PA5 8SG GB
Established in 2010, Framing Art Renfrew and Johnstone is well equipped to help you with your entire picture framing needs. Our combined teams boast over 100 years of craftsmanship, marrying traditional techniques with modern technology.
The British Red Cross operates at home and around the Commonwealth to provide critical healthcare and disaster response.
Puget Sound WA
Clark Internet is pleased to provide web services to the museum. Our founders descend in part from Johnstonians. The company provides a wide array of internet consulting and production services.