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World War II
VE Day comes to Johnstone
An Angela Gillespie article

The war in Europe ended when the military surrender of Germany was first signed on Monday, May 7, 1945 but a slightly modified document with the final terms was signed on Tuesday, May 8, 1945, the day becoming known as VE Day signifying Victory in Europe.

Johnstone, like everywhere else celebrated VE Day on the Monday, May 7, 1945

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The Final Stand-Down of the Johnstone Home Guard
Another great article from Angela Gillespie. When the Second World War came the call went out for local volunteers to perform home defence duties in their towns, villages and counties. First known as the Local Defence Volunteers, the LDV, which it’s members jokingly referred to as “Look, Duck, and Vanish.” A more suitable name was shortly found to replace it - The Home Guard, immortalised by the well known BBC series “Dad’s Army.”

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Johnstone Hero of the Coventry Blitz
Another Angela Gillespie story.

The English city of Coventry was bombed many times during the Second World War by the German Luftwaffe. The most devastating of the attacks occurred on the evening of 14 November 1940 and continued into the morning of 15 November. One of the Heroes of Fire Fighting and Rescue Work during the Air Raid, was Matthew Wallace, 7 Buchanan Street in Johnstone.

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