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Great Houses
Kali (MacLaurin) Lindner's hunt for her Roots
Kali Lindner and her family from Montana in the USA, recently visited the Museum, seeking information about her ancestors, the McLaurin family, of Smith & McLaurin fame. They also wished to find anything they could about Cartside House, the McLaurin's family home.

We were able to find information about the McLaurins who lived in the Mansion over the years. Cartside House was sited on the land across the road from the present Smith & McLairin Company Premises.

Follow the link below to read the story of the history of Cartside House.

Cartside House

The Red House of Milliken Park
50 years in the life of a house, its owners and occupants, a brief history.

By Bill Speirs

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Fordbank House - Mansion & former Maternity Unit
Fordbank, a Brief Account of the House and its Occupants
by Bill Speirs

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