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Johnstone History Museum is in Johnstone, Scotland. It contains local industrial and social artefacts and memorabilia.


The origin of Johnstone can be traced precisely to the 23rd February 1782, when George Houstoun, the Laird of the Lands of Johnstone, sold the first tracts of land feus from his estate. Using the power from the River Black Cart the town's cotton and flax spinning industry rapidly expanded until over 20 mills were in operation. The cotton mills gave rise to a need for engineering skills to maintain the water wheel machinery and the spinning machines. These were boom times for the spinning industry in Johnstone. But this was not going to last. [More]

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Rees Clark ( 23-Feb-2018 )
This is an experimental post in anticipation of a new feature. The source material appeared on Facebook.

Administrator ( 8-Sep-2017 )
Check out Eddie McRorie's new article on his years at Wickman Lang. Skilled workers along with business folk made Johnstone what it is. LINK

Iain Murray ( 28-Feb-2017 )
Just to let you know that we have two new displays at the Museum. 1)A Patons display of threads, cord and Shoe Laces as well as some of the Comapny Advertising materials. 2)A display memorabilia of old Johnstone Organisations, Clubs and Societies.

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February 13, 2018 -- Johnstone History Society Talk Tuesday 13th Feb 2018
March 13, 2018 -- Johnstone History Society AGM Tuesday 13th March 2018

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