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Johnstone History Museum is in Johnstone, Scotland. It contains local industrial and social artefacts and memorabilia. For opening times and directions follow the Schedule and Direction buttons on this page. [Overview]

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Here across the pond and at the edge of another, I found the linked article RE local dialects interesting.

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Our Johnstone 2021 Calendar is selling well. Thanks for all those that have bought them so far. Your's is waiting for you.
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Great Drone video of Johnstone by Kukscinema Scotland
A local Facebook group, Kukscinema Scotland, has produced a memorable flyover video of Johnstone. Click the headline above to view within the JHS site, or follow the link to YouTube.

Calendar sales
Thanks to all those who bought one of our 2021 Calendars both at the Museum and on line. Sorry if you missed out. We are delighted that they have all sold, as we have covered our costs. Our margins are small and ordering more at this point in time would have resulted in us selling them at a loss. Something we didn't wish to do.
Johnstone - The “Cap of Liberty” and the “Radical Rising” by Angela Gillespie
The end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815 brought economic depression and social unrest. In 1816 some 40,000 people attending a meeting in Glasgow Green to demand more representative government and an end to the Corn Laws which kept food prices high. The Industrial Revolution had affected hand-loom weavers who saw their wages slashed. Artisan workers... Continues...
The Brig O' Johnstone: a research article by Angela Gillespie
As is well known the Brig O’ Johnstone is shown on Blaeu’s map of the County of Renfrew, published in Amsterdam in 1654, the name being shown as “Ihonstoun,” this map surveyed by Timothy Pont about 1590.

Angela Gillespie has studied the events of the time. Follow the link for the exciting details.

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