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Johnstone History Museum is in Johnstone, Scotland. It contains local industrial and social artefacts and memorabilia. For opening times and directions follow the Schedule and Direction buttons on this page. [Overview]

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12-Oct-2021 - Johnstone HIstory Society Tues 12th Oct 2021 Meeting

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Graham Rooney (14 Jul)

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Rees Clark 29-Jan-2021
Here across the pond and at the edge of another, I found the linked article RE local dialects interesting.

Iain Murray 13-Nov-2020
Our Johnstone 2021 Calendar is selling well. Thanks for all those that have bought them so far. Your's is waiting for you.
Administrator 21-Feb-2019
We've added a Donate button to the home page. Your gift helps support this site and the museum.

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History Society Talks return
We are delighted to let you know that Johnstone History Society Talks will return in October.
We will be at our usual venue of the Masonic Hall in Collier Street at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th October when we will have a talk from Douglas Breingan, of Renfrewshire Leisure, entitled 'Scottish Gardens - Mediaeval to Georgian' which Douglas tells me... Continues...
Doors Open Day at the Museum
The Museum will participate in Doors Open Day again this year. In addition to opening on Saturday 4th September we will also be open on Sunday 5th September 1030 till 4pm. We have put on a couple of new displays that will be of special interest to the younger generation as well as bringing back memories to the oldies.
Great Drone video of Johnstone by Kukscinema Scotland
A local Facebook group, Kukscinema Scotland, has produced a memorable flyover video of Johnstone. Click the headline above to view within the JHS site. We recommend expanding the view to full screen.

Kali (MacLaurin) Lindner's hunt for her Roots
Kali has now supplied a great photograph of the McLaurin family at Cartside House. Thought I would share.

Kali (MacLaurin) Lindner's hunt for her Roots
Kali Lindner and her family from Montana in the USA, recently visited the Museum, seeking information about her ancestors, the McLaurin family, of Smith & McLaurin fame. They also wished to find anything they could about Cartside House, the McLaurin's family home.

We were able to find information about the McLaurins who lived in the Mansion over... Continues...

Johnstone Band - Black Cart Water
Johnstone Band had a piece of music specially commissioned to perform at the recent Kapitol Cory Online Brass Band Championships. The piece, Black Cart Water by Nicholas Olsen, celebrates Johnstone’s industrial past with the thread and cotton mills that were powered by the Black Cart Water. We hope you enjoy our performance.

Thanks to Mark Good for his work on the video, to Ryan Bradley for the audio, to Kukscinema Scotland for drone footage and to Iain Murray of Johnstone History Museum for his assistance.

Recommendation: Expand video to full screen.


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